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With winter in, the days are short and the nights are long. This usually leaves me indoors behind the glow of a computer screen. I tend to find myself pouring over online topo maps and digging deep to find obscure beta on trips and routes that will be possible in the following months, when the temperature rises and the snow begins to melt. Combining different modes of transportation on obscure, often overlooked sections on a map.

  I find new ways to connect the dots on a map, an interesting pursuit. More importantly, when I find ways to connect the dots, I try to see if there is any information online about this. At the least, there will be vague blog posts or image results of past trips in the area. That's enough of a morsel to get the gears grinding out contrived loops and routes through "un-marked" seldom visited areas on a map.

  We are never the first though. Inevitably... once we attempt these routes, there will be signs of past people that have walked through …

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